About us

X.O.A. Building with its headquarters in Rijeka is a company dealing with the rehabilitation of the facade, facade systems, creating a roof structure, insulation work, and complete renovation of dwellings and other buildings since 2006.
Manager and manager of the company's Amir Okic who is opening the company founded by his experience acquired throughout many years in the field of civil engineering.
In the very initial stage the company had only a few employees, and gradually developed into a stronger company that now owns his own machine plastering, scaffolds, several vehicles and storage. We provide services in the area of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and where we have the most worked preamble, but also for the entire Croatian and EU.
We provide the possibility of performing the complete works for investors on a turnkey basis (from water, power, ceramics and other works).
Especially noteworthy is that we perform rehabilitation of facades and roofs, which are the fruit of protection as cultural property.

Confidence in the business sense, because we acquire current and future clients we can safely express their willingness to work in the field of all that we do is done within the agreed deadlines and in compliance with laws and regulations.
For all inquiries please contact us with confidence!